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Children and teens need at least 60 minutes of physicial activity most days to stay healthy and avoid obesity.  You can get creative when it comes to replacing screen time with play time, without spending alot of money.
** Disclaimer: As parents we use our own judgment in choosing which activities are safe for our kids. While Kohl’s Kids in Action and Mercy Children’s Hospital make every effort to provide activity ideas that are safe and fun for kids, it is your responsibility, as parents, to choose activities that are safe for your children.


Winter Activity Ideas

The days are short in Northwest Ohio during the winter months, and we don’t always feel like exercising.  Once a chill is in the air, our bodies tend to want to conserve energy to keep warm.  We tend to eat a little more and exercise a little less.  This can lead to the winter blahs.  Kids may feel more tired and lethargic as boredom sets in.

But the cold months are a great time to try a new outdoor activity with your family.  Ice skating, snow-showing, skiing, snowboarding or just walking around the neighborhood enjoying the holiday decorations, can be great fun for the family.  When the snow hits or schools are closed, get the children outside to build a snow man or even a snow fort.  Just remember to bundle up the kids, and head indoors if you start losing feeling in your fingers or toes, which are early indicators of frostbite.

Your local Metroparks, the Zoo, and the Art Museum are all great places to walk and refresh your mind and body  Children thrive on personal attention and walking gives parents and kids time to talk about their day, vent frustrations, or just hold hands.   Make it a priority for your family to get on the move.  Just like healthy eating, good exercise habits are learned through the examples of parents and caregivers.


Winter Time Bird Feeder

  • Find a pine cone - the larger the better
  • Tie a string or piece of yarn around the bottom - this will be used to hang it, so make sure it's strong!
  • Roll in or spread peanut butter on the outer edges of the 'scales' on the cone
  • Roll in bird seed
  • Hang outside in a place where you can watch the birds enjoying the treat you made for them!


Snow Globe

Materials needed:
  • A small, empty, clean glass jar with a tight fitting lid (example baby food or olive jar)
  • Non-metal figurine or trinkets that will fit inside the jar (plastic snowman, reindeer, or evergreen tree, etc.)
  • Clear drying glue, preferably epoxy glue
  • Distilled water
  • A drop of glycerin (find it at a drug store or large store in the health and beauty aisle)
  • Glitter or small artificial snow
To Assemble:
  • With the help of an adult, glue the figurine to the inside of the lid.  Let the glue dry according to package instructions
  • Fill the jar almost to the top with distilled water
  • Add a small drop of glycerin - this helps the glitter fall slowly
  • Add a pinch of glitter or faux snow
  • Screw the lid on very tightly
  • Turn the jar over and over the watch the snow fall
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