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Cataracts are cloudy areas in a patient’s normally clear eye lens that block passage of light to the retina. As a result, cataracts:
  • difficult to see (particularly at night)
  • visual sharpness, color and form
  • cause patients to be more sensitive to light glare
  • create “halos” around lights
Years of exposure to bright sunlight, smoking and exposure to toxic substances can accelerate cataract development. Cataracts are a common medical condition for older adults; in fact nearly two-thirds of people age 60 and older have some sign of cataract development.

Your Mercy ophthalmologist can diagnose the size, location, shape and extent of your cataracts using a variety of tests and tools including:
  • visual acuity test
  • an ophthalmoscope to examine the internal structure of your eye
  • a slit lamp is a combination high-intensity lamp and low-power microscope that an eye doctor can use to examine your eye
  • a tonometer measures the pressure within your eye so that your eye doctor can rule out glaucoma
  • a keratometer is used to measure the curvature of your cornea
  • an A-scan test measures the length of your eye
  • contrast testing assess your eye’s ability to detect subtle variations in shade
  • glare sensitivity testing is employed to see how well you can read under variable lighting – direct sunlight, partly cloudy, and fluorescent lighting – to determine how it compares to you reading under ideal lighting
  • corneal endothelium testing enables your eye doctor to examine the tissue on the underside of the cornea to know how well your cornea may respond during surgery or if you may need a transplant
  • potential acuity testing is done using a meter to test the health of your macular and determine how well you could be expected to see after your cataract is surgically removed
  • wavefront mapping uses a laser beam to track how light distorts as it passes through your eye and a computer to determine the extent of your cataract development
Treatment is called cataract extraction.
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