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Recovery Plan - Post Operative Day Two

Open Heart Surgery Handbook


  • Walk at least 60 to 80 ft. 4-6 times.
  • Leg exercises every hour while awake.
  • Continue to elevate legs.

Fluids / Nutrition

  • Regular diet with restrictions based on your particular needs.
  • Continue to measure intake & output.
  • IV fluids or IV capped or removed.
  • 10 (6-8 oz) cups of fluids per day.
  • Daily weight.


  • Oxygen as needed.
  • Chest percussion every 4 hrs.
  • Inspirometer - 10 times per hr (at least 10 times per day).
  • Heart monitor.
  • Pacemaker wires covered or to pacemaker if applicable.
  • Dressing removed.
  • Incision open to air, kept clean & dry.
  • Dressing applied only if wound draining.
  • Chest tube or remove.


  • Education is ongoing throughout your hospital stay and is based on identified individual needs.
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