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Employee Assistance Program

Mission Statement & Philosophy

The goals of the Mercy Employee Assistance Program reflect our strong commitment to the mission of ensuring healthy outcomes for individuals, families, organizations, and the community. Our actions are based on the belief that each individual holds personal worth and deserves to be treated with respect, kindness, and dignity. We are dedicated to responding quickly to the needs of the employee, making confidentiality a top priority.

The Mercy Employee Assistance Program's commitment to this mission is evident in the following goals:
  • To promote a healthy work environment that recognizes and supports the need for making the emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being of employees a priority.
  • To design and implement prevention and intervention programs that will decrease healthcare costs and enhances employee satisfaction.
  • To increase understanding and knowledge of mental health and physical issues such as substance abuse and dependency, depression, and sensitivity to disabilities.
  • To provide employees and managers with tools to resolve work and personal conflicts which affect work productivity and employee well-being.
  • To foster a safe working environment through education and training on topics such as violence in the workplace, constructive communication, and stress management.

Confidentiality Statement

Confidentiality is fundamental to any EAP’s credibility and use. Mercy handles all client records in compliance with Federal Law (42 CFR Part 2), state laws, and professional standards relating to client confidentiality, privacy, and privilege. Confidential record- handling instructions are essential to the services contract, and a record-handling policy that best suits your needs will be developed.

Written rules will be established specifying how records are to be maintained, for what length of time, who will have access to them, which information will be released to whom and under what circumstances, and what use, if any, can be made of records for research, evaluation, and reports. Client EAP records will be maintained by Mercy and do not become part of the employee’s personnel file.

Mercy EAP staff recognizes the ethical complexity of certain situations regarding confidentiality. We are familiar with Ohio law regarding situations which allow for release of otherwise confidential information without employee consent. In such life-threatening situations (e.g. suicide or homicide), appropriate personnel will be notified.

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