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separator Exercise and Shopping Combo
Taking care of holiday shopping can put a giant dent in your exercise routine. But shopping doesn't have to be a total exercise buster. You may have less time to go to the gym at this time of year, but when you're at the mall, take 30 minutes before or after your shopping to go for a brisk walk. It's a built-in exercise opportunity. Parking your car as far away as possible is also a good idea.

Fitness for Mental Health
Exercising every day often helps mental outlook.

One theory is that endorphins, a chemical the pituitary gland produces during exercise, can improve mood. Another is that exercise may help anxiety because it uses up nervous energy.

Regular exercise also decreases the risk for chronic health conditions such as heart disease and cancer, and there seems to be a connection between these illnesses and depression.

Besides all that, most people agree that even though they may not look forward to doing a workout, they almost always feel better when they do.

Source: National Institute of Mental Health, 2001

Keep the Cold on the Outside
Some things to remember as the deep-freeze weather approaches and you want to exercise outside:

  • Wear layers to limit the effects of the wind chill.
  • Keep as much skin covered as possible.
  • If your fingers, toes or nose begin to tingle, go inside. Tingling is the first sign of frostbite.

Remember, if it's cold for you, it's cold for children. Make sure they know to go inside and tell somebody if they notice signs of frostbite.

Use the Steps
One simple way to burn more calories — especially during the holiday season, when exercise time is hard to carve out — is walking the stairs. If you work in a building with open stairways, use them as you enter and leave the building and travel between floors. If the weather is bad and you wanted to go for a walk during lunch, go and up and down the stairs instead.

Does walking the stairs really count as exercise? You bet. A 160-pound man burns 326 calories if he walks on the stairs for 30 minutes. (Remember, you don't have to do it all at once.)

Source: Calorie Control Council, 2001

Go Skating
Looking for a way to exercise with the kids? Go to the ice rink. Ice skating is a great way to get the exercise you need without sacrificing time with your family.

How many calories can you burn while skating? A woman who weighs 130 pounds and skates at a moderate pace for an hour will burn 358 calories. A man who weighs 175 will burn about 483.

Consider taking some basic lessons so you feel comfortable out there. Learning how to stop without crashing into the boards will make you feel like a pro.

Source: Calorie Control Council, 2001

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