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Birth: Your Role becomes more Active

separator You have two active roles now: labor coach and new father.

Your Job as Labor Coach

If you’re nervous about going through labor with your partner, you’re normal. Keep in mind that your main job is to support her. Just having you there will help her.

  • Talk in advance about what’s important to her about giving birth in terms of pain medication, birth positions, etc. Discussions like this can help you during labor, when your wife may have trouble focusing on things.
  • Be flexible as labor progresses. Things don’t always go according to plan, and being able to go with the flow is important.
  • Ask her often what you can do for her—back rubs, ice chips, etc.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask healthcare providers questions. Don’t be shy!
  • You’re probably going to be in the hospital for a long time, so think about taking some extra clothes.

New Father: Make the Most of Limited Time

The more time you spend with your new baby, the better for everybody. The baby will feel a close bond with you. Your wife will love seeing you caring for your infant. (It’s true—there’s nothing like a nurturing man to melt a woman’s heart.) And you’ll enjoy the closeness in ways you couldn’t imagine.

The Beginning can be Tough

Life can be hard when the baby first comes home from the hospital. Your wife may be exhausted, with little energy for anything but nursing and caring for the baby. There may be lots of visitors, and maybe even houseguests staying for a while to help out. The best thing for you is to plunge right in and start caring for the baby too.

  • Set up routines for just you and the baby—maybe a bath at the end of the day, dressing the baby for bed, reading the baby a story at night. (They’re never too young for stories.)
  • Spend time alone with your baby on a regular basis. Weekends are a good time to make sure your wife gets a little time to herself. She can get out of the house while you and the baby go for a walk, a drive or just hang out in the house.
  • Make sure that packing up the baby gear is something both of you do. When it’s time for a visit with grandparents or even a trip to the mall, take charge of loading up the baby bag.
  • Sign up for Father/Baby classes. These can be especially helpful if you’re a first-time father and feeling intimidated by the whole thing.

Sex after the Baby Comes

In general, most physicians recommend that women not have sex until six weeks after giving birth. If your wife had a cesarean, she may be able to have sex a little sooner. Naturally, this all depends on how you and your wife are feeling. Talk it over together.

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