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Fitness Tips

separator Have a First Aid Kit?
You’ll never regret having a first aid kit handy and well stocked—especially during the summer months. Here’s a sampling of the kinds of things it should contain:

  • Dressings
    >assorted bandage sizes
    >cotton balls
    >gauze pads and non-stick pads
    >sterile eye patches
  • Instruments and equipment
    >blunt-tipped scissors
    >instant-acting chemical cold packs for sprains and bruises
    >small plastic cups
  • Medications
    >antiseptic wipes
    >antibiotic ointment
    >calamine lotion and antihistamine lotion
    >sterile eye wash

  • Miscellaneous
    >candle, matches, flashlight
    >pad and pencil or pen

Source: The American Red Cross and K. Handahl. First Aid and Safety Handbook. Little, Brown and Company, 1992

Treating a Nosebleed 

To treat a nosebleed:

  • Encourage the person to breathe through the mouth
  • Have the person sit down and lean forward to keep the blood from going down the throat
  • If there are clots in the nostril, have the person blow them out.
  • Place a cold compress on the bridge of the nose, and pinch the soft part of the nose for 15 minutes.
  • If the nose is still bleeding after 15 minutes, repeat the procedure once more. If the nose is bleeding after the second round of pinching and compressing, call a doctor.

Most nosebleeds don’t need treatment from a doctor, but get medical attention if the person with the nosebleed has:

  • High blood pressure
  • Takes blood-thinning medication
  • Takes large doses of aspirin
  •  Is known to bleed or bruise easily

Source: The American Red Cross and K. Handahl. First Aid and Safety Handbook. Little, Brown and Company, 1992.

Active with an Injury
Let’s say you’ve got a leg injury, and your main exercise has been walking. Now you have to wait until your injury heals before you can exercise again, right?


When you have an injury, you can almost always modify your exercise routine to keep yourself in shape. For example, when you have a leg injury, you can do arm work to raise your heart rate and give you that feeling of “working out.”

Adapting your routine to your injury may not be as pleasant as doing the exercise you choose, but it’s better than the alternative--getting out of shape, maybe gaining weight, not sleeping as well as usual and missing out on all the other benefits you get from exercising.

Can T’ai Chi do all This?

Help you focus on the moment…help you focus, period. 

Help you keep your heart healthy…your balance good…your blood pressure in the healthy range …your state of mind calm…

Help you protect your joints…that increase your strength and flexibility…

These are the things people say about t’ai chi. If you’re looking for something a little different, give t’ai chi a try.

Source: Journal of Holistic Nursing, September 2001. 

Health Benefits of Yoga
Doing yoga can make your body feel good and give you a sense of well-being. Beyond that, many practitioners who are open to alternative medicine believe that regular yoga practice can improve

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Symptoms of osteoarthritis
  •  Addiction problems
  • Anxiety

Yoga can also improve muscle tone and increase strength and flexibility.

Yoga classes are widely available, so try it a few times and see how it makes you feel.

Source: K. Pelletier. The Best Alternative Medicine. Simon and Schuster, 2000.

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