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separator Consider an Insulin Pump
If you take insulin to control diabetes, have you thought about getting the insulin pump? The pump can be especially helpful for people who

  • Have some difficulty controlling their blood sugar
  • Frequently experience low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
  • Desire a more flexible lifestyle

If you’re interested in learning about the pump but feel a little bit intimidated by the idea of it, that’s normal. Talk to your diabetes educator to get all the facts and to find out whether the pump would be a good way for you to go.

Source: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disorders

Remembering Diabetes Supplies
When you have diabetes, it’s important to monitor your blood sugar regularly. If you’ve just found out you have diabetes, try to figure out a plan now for remembering to take your test supplies, insulin, syringes and pills with you to work, family gatherings, parties, etc. It’s especially important to remember this now that holiday season is here. Your schedule is more likely to get out of whack, but you still need to keep track of your blood sugar.

Ask your doctor, diabetes educator or other member of your healthcare team for suggestions about dealing with this new aspect of your life. They’re likely to have all kinds of good ideas about testing yourself at work, where to store your supplies, what to do when you forget your supplies, etc.

When Buying Drugs On On-line…
There’s nothing wrong with getting prescription medications from a legitimate on-line pharmacy. The problem comes when a healthcare provider writes a prescription for you based only on a questionnaire that you’ve filled out. It’s never a good idea to get a prescription from someone who’s never met with you and who knows nothing about your health status. You may end up with the wrong drug or a missed diagnosis.

Source: Food and Drug Administration

What to take for GERD?
You may wonder what the best medications are for heartburn. But the real question may be whether you should be taking prescription medication for GERD instead of over-the-counter heartburn drugs. Do antacids provide only temporary relief? Do you feel the need for medication two times per week or more? What about prescription medication for heartburn—is that as effective as you need it to be?

Sometimes the symptoms that you think are heartburn are really the symptoms of GERD, or what’s also called acid reflux disease. There are medications designed specifically to treat acid reflux. If your heartburn symptoms just keep coming back, or if they happen twice a week or more, see your doctor. Prescription medication for GERD may be the solution for you.

Source: The American College of Gastroenterology

Being in a Clinical Trial
If you or a loved one has a serious illness for which there is no known cure, you may want to investigate participating in a clinical trial. It’s through clinical trials that new drugs are tested on humans for effectiveness and safety. When you’re taking part in a trial, you typically receive a high level of medical care, and you have the opportunity to learn as much about caring for your condition as possible. And there’s always the chance that the medication or other type of treatment your trial is testing may turn out to benefit you and others with your condition for years to come.

For more information about what it’s like to be in a trial, where to find a trial for a condition that you have and what you should know before you sign up, visit the following Web sites: 

And be sure to read this month’s article, Participating in Research: Benefits, Risks and How to Get Involved.

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