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Nutrition Tips

separator Protein in a Kid’s Breakfast
Studies have shown that children who eat breakfast
  • Learn better
  • Are more attentive
  • Are more likely to participate in activities.

One of the things a lot of kids skip at breakfast is protein. But protein is important. That old standby, bacon and eggs, isn’t a bad idea. You many think of bacon as a “bad” food, but in moderation, it’s a good source of protein. And three slices contain only 70 calories.

Non-traditional breakfast foods can provide protein too. If you’re looking to save time, don’t have any qualms about giving your child a slice of beef or chicken from last night’s dinner.

Source: The American Dietetic Association

CLA for Weight Loss?
You may have heard that taking conjugated linoleic acid supplements, or CLA, can help you lose weight. CLA is derived from linoleic acid, an omega-six fatty acid that’s essential to human health. It’s found primarily in meats and dairy products.

Some studies have shown that small animals that take CLA experience weight loss and a reduction in appetite. Some also experienced a reduction in tumors. But results in humans have been mixed. There’s also some concern that you’d have to take such a large amount of CLA to experience weight loss that side effects, such as nausea, could be a problem.

If you’re thinking about trying CLA, it’s a good idea to talk with your doctor first.

Source: Agricultural Research Service

Food for Sleep
It’s always better to have dinner at least three hours before you go to sleep. But if you do have dinner closer to bedtime, try to choose more carbohydrates than anything else. A small amount of brown rice or pasta, vegetables and some fruit for dessert are better choices for later meals.

Fats and proteins are the foods that make sleep most difficult if you eat too close to bedtime. Try to avoid meats, butter and fried foods if you want to sleep well.

And don’t forget that old standby, warm milk. Warming milk releases tryptophan, which make you sleepy.

Source: American Dietetic Association

Diets for Kidney Health
If you have any kidney disease, your doctor or dietitian have probably talked with you about changes you may be needing to make to your diet. It’s important not to get your phosphorous levels too high. This will mean limiting

  • Milk and milk products
  • Foods high in protein
  • Beer, ale, soft drinks and milk drinks
  • Sweet potato, corn and green peas
  • Nuts, seeds, whole grain products, bran cereals

Your doctor or dietitian can tell you how much of these foods you can eat in order to keep your phosphorous levels in the healthy range.

Source: National Kidney Foundation Source: American Kidney Foundation

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