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Nutrition Tips

separator What’s in that School Lunch?
Do you know what your child is eating at lunchtime? If it’s from the school cafeteria, be sure to investigate. Post the menus at home. Each night, talk about making good choices for the next day’s lunch. If you’re not thrilled with the quality or type of food that’s offered at school, think about joining or starting a parents’ group that can ask the school system to address your concerns.

If you pack lunch regularly for your child, try to make a habit of avoiding foods containing hydrogenated oils. These can contribute to the risk of heart disease. Hydrogenated oils are found in many common American snack foods, such as potato chips, corn chips, cookies and crackers.

Source: American Dietetic Association

Breast Feeding Good for Moms
You hear all the time that mother’s breast milk is good for the baby. And that’s true. Babies who are breast fed have reduced risk of asthma, sudden infant death syndrome, allergies, infections, diarrhea and other conditions. But mothers get big benefits too. For them, breast feeding can

  • Help them lose weight after pregnancy
  • Help reduce the bleeding that occurs after birth
  • Reduce their risk of ovarian and breast cancer
  • Help control depression and anxiety

Of course you want what’s best for you baby, but don’t you also want what’s best for you?

Source: New York Times, Women’s Health Supplement, 22 June 2003

If You Can’t Eat Dairy
All children are born with an enzyme called lactase, which is necessary to digest milk. Some people lose this enzyme and become lactose intolerant. For them, eating dairy products can cause gas, cramps and diarrhea.

Here’s a breakdown of percentages of the population having trouble digesting dairy products:

  • Asian Americans 95%
  • African Americans 65%
  • American Indians 65%
  • Hispanic Americans 50%
  • Caucasians 15%

If you can't eat dairy products, there are other ways for you to get calcium. Calcium-fortified orange juice has as much calcium per glass as milk—about 300 milligrams. Two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses has about 270. A handful of almonds has 100. Dark leafy green vegetables, broccoli, soybeans and canned salmon also contain calcium.

Source: American Dietetic Association

Eating with the Family
This fall, do what you can to have the whole family eat together as many nights per week as possible. Studies have shown that kids who eat at the table with their parents are more likely to eat in a healthier way. They’re less likely to snack mindlessly, the way they do when they’re watching television or working on the computer.

Eating together has other benefits as well. It’s a good opportunity for everyone to check in with each other, find out what’s going on and deal with any issues that come up.

Source: American Dietetic Association

Caffeine and Kids
Have you been paying attention to the amount of caffeine your child is getting? The U.S. government doesn’t set any limits on how much caffeine a child should consume each day, but a small amount of it can make kids jittery and anxious. Too much caffeine can cause nausea and diarrhea. Some medical professionals believe that children shouldn’t get any more than 110 milligrams per day.

Here are some caffeine counts for common food and drink for kids:

  • Diet Coke: 47 milligrams in 12 ounces
  • Sunkist Orange Soda: 40 milligrams in 12 ounces
  • Starbucks coffee ice cream: 40 to 60 milligrams for one cup
  • Ben and Jerry’s No Fat
  • Coffee Fudge Frozen Yogurt: 85 milligrams for one cup

Source: Consumer Reports, July 2003.

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