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General Tips

separator Are You at Risk for Colorectal Cancer?
Do you know the risk factors for colorectal cancer?
  • Family history
  • Ethnic background (Jewish people of Eastern European descent may have a higher risk)
  • Personal history of previous colorectal cancer
  • Personal history of polyps
  • Personal history of bowel disease (ulcerative colitis, or Crohn’s disease)
  • Age older than 50
  • A high-fat diet (some experts believe that low fiber consumption can also increase risk, but this has not been proven)
  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Being overweight
  • Heavy use of alcohol

Be sure to talk with your doctor about when you should begin getting screened for colorectal cancer.

Source: American Cancer Society

Patient Safety
If you like to read and learn about what’s going on in healthcare today, you probably know that patient safety has become a big priority for healthcare organizations around the country. Healthcare organizations play an important role in making sure that patients get safe, high quality care. But patients have responsibilities to. You need to educate yourself, ask questions and take an active role in your care.

To find out more about what you can do to, read the February/March Your Health article about your responsibilities and your rights.

When’s Gambling a Problem?
Ever wonder whether your risk-taking with money is a problem? Do you feel guilty about the amount you spend on lottery tickets? Slot machines? Do you wonder whether you should get help for gambling? According to Gamblers Anonymous, these are the characteristics of someone whose gambling is out of control:

  • They often don’t accept reality and create a kind of “dream world” full of all the great things they’ll do when they have a lot of money.
  • They feel most comfortable when they’re gambling.
  • They try to avoid responsibility and place all their hopes on winning big money instead of working hard.

If you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions and you’re ready to make a change, consider contacting Gamblers Anonymous. Click on the link that shows you where there is a group nearest you. Or talk with your doctor or a mental health professional so you can start getting treatment.

Source: Gamblers Anonymous

Eye Safety
Working at a computer causes eye strain for a great many people, but there are a lot of things you can do to minimize the problem:

  • Make sure you have no more light than you need. When you’re spending your time viewing the screen, lighting should be dimmer than it is when you’re looking at documents on your desk.
  • Make sure your computer screen doesn’t face a window.
  • Make sure windows have shades or curtains so that you can reduce glare.
  • Tilt the monitor slightly forward to avoid picking up glare from overhead lights
  • Avoid glossy paint finishes on walls. This can help reduce glare on the screen.
  • Adjust the brightness and contrast levels on your computer, and test them out to see which settings help reduce glare.

Be sure to visit your eye doctor regularly, because working at a computer can create new eye problems and cause existing problems to become worse.

Source: Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Service, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

What’s “virtual colonoscopy?”
You may have heard about the new test for colon cancer. Instead of a traditional colonoscopy, in which the doctor inserts a flexible tube into the rectum and the entire colon, the virtual colonoscopy allows the doctor to view the entire colon with special x-ray equipment.

This sounds more appealing to a lot of people, but when you consider the details, it’s not so cut and dried. For both the traditional and virtual colonoscopies, it’s necessary to prepare the colon the night before. You drink a solution that causes you to empty your bowels. Many people find this the most uncomfortable and unpleasant part of the process. Additionally, if the procedure identifies a potential problem, the doctor can’t perform a biopsy or remove polyps right away, which is possible during a traditional colonoscopy. So then you have to undergo the traditional colonoscopy anyway.

The best thing to do is talk with your doctor about colorectal cancer screening that makes the most sense for you.

Be sure to read the February/March issue of our cancer magazine, which features and article titled “
Finding Out You have Colorectal Cancer.”

Source: National Cancer Institute

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