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Healthy Tips

Mercy Kids Move

Mercy Kids Move Health Tip #1:
Every Minute Counts – Stand up and move around during TV commercials or breaks in the video game action. Try dancing, jumping jacks or walking in place.

Mercy Kids Move Health Tip #2:
Healthy Gifts – Instead of a DVD or video game, consider giving a jump rope, hula hoop, kick ball or mini-trampoline.

Mercy Kids Move Health Tip #3:
Kids in the Kitchen – Children can help with the grocery shopping and cooking. You’ll learn what kids like and they’ll be more likely to make healthy food choices.

Mercy Kids Move Health Tip #4:
Family Fitness – Tell your family to take a hike! No, really. Fitness should be a family activity. Take a family bike ride, take your pets for a walk or even fly a kite!

Mercy Kids Move Health Tip #5:
Beat the Snooze Blues – If kids in elementary school don’t get 10-12 hours of sleep each night, they may get grumpy or have a hard time paying attention in school.

Mercy Kids Move Health Tip #6:
The Wonders of Water – Skip the sugary sodas and juice drinks. Water quenches your thirst the best and is good for your teeth too!
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