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"Couple Welcomes their Son"

First-time mom Kathryn R. and her husband, Denny B., were thrilled with the care they received as they welcomed their son, Collier, on Nov. 14, at Mercy St. Charles Hospital.

“We had toured St. Charles and were impressed with the size of the rooms and the friendliness of the staff,” said Kathryn, an Admissions Officer for Mercy College. “We were confident in our decision to deliver there, but when the time came for my induction, we weren’t certain exactly what to expect, and the reality of the care we received was more than we could have imagined. We were blown away by the attentiveness of the nurses and other staff, yet they also knew when we needed to be alone.”

Kathryn went into labor that night, without the need for the planned Pitocin.

“They offered medications to manage the pain but didn’t push anything and did a good job of explaining our options,” Kathryn said. “One of our nurses, Anne, seemed to have a knack for knowing when to come and go. She’d check on me, but if I was having a contraction, she’d leave us alone so Denny could coach me through it, which is what we wanted. I also appreciated her advocacy for us. We would say what we wanted, and she would just jump in and make sure that was the way things went.”

Kathryn and Denny also were impressed with the shift-change communication.

“As one nurse would leave, she’d bring the next one in and say, ‘I’m leaving now, this is your day nurse,’” Kathryn said. “And she would go over what we had talked about, so the incoming nurse had the benefit of that verbal discussion in addition to having our chart.”

Kathryn labored for a little less than 12 hours and then gave birth to a healthy baby boy, who surprised everyone by being smaller than expected, at 7 pounds, 6.5 ounces and 20.5 inches long.

“It was a much better experience than either one of us was prepared for,” Denny said. “It didn’t feel like we were in a hospital at all. It was very comfortable, and we had a great, very natural dynamic with the nurses and the resident, (Christopher Benavente, DO). We were so impressed with them that we filled out the Shining Star nomination forms for them.”

Kathryn said she would definitely return to St. Charles and would recommend the hospital to others. “I could go on and on about our experience at St. Charles and love to tell others how fantastic it was,” she said. “The experience made me even more proud to work for an organization so committed to excellence!”

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