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"Outstanding Support given to Couple"

Jane S. had just learned her husband, Harold, was about to be discharged from the non-Mercy hospital he was in and sent to a nursing home. After touring the nursing home, Jane didn’t feel comfortable with this decision, but she wasn’t sure she had any other option – and there was very little time to research other facilities, as the hospital insisted he be transferred that day.

“Harold was in bad shape, but he was still alert,” Jane said. “And their nursing home was in the basement of that hospital, and the rooms were dreary and dark. My granddaughter and I agreed that was not where we wanted Harold to spend his final days.”

Fortunately for Jane and Harold, all it took was one phone call to her friend Marsha Danhoff, Rural Division Senior Director of Marketing/Communication & Development, and help was on the way.

Marsha left a Mercy Tiffin Foundation event and drove to pick Jane up from the hospital where Harold was about to lose his bed. She drove her to Mercy Willard Hospital to look into having Harold admitted to the Swing Bed Unit.

“She showed me the room at Willard that was available for him, and I was perfectly happy with it as well as the staff who would care for him there,” Jane said. “I was also so relieved that we would be able to bring him back closer to home. Marsha took care of all of the paperwork and arranged to transfer him, then took me back to Harold to complete the discharge process. He was in Mercy Willard’s Swing Bed Unit by the end of the day. Our experience at Mercy was excellent, but short. We brought Harold there on Monday, and he passed away Wednesday.”

Knowing that Harold was likely in his final days when he was admitted to Mercy Willard, Marsha spent time with him and Jane and went above and beyond by bringing in his favorite type of music and making them both as comfortable as possible.

The morning after Harold passed away, Jane called Marsha to let her know of his passing, and to thank her for all she had done for them. Marsha expressed her condolences and encouraged Jane to call her if there was anything else she could do for her. The next day, Jane called to let Marsha know about the funeral arrangements, and in the course of the conversation, shared that she was concerned that there would not be sufficient food for the anticipated crowd at the funeral. Harold had been a businessman in the area for many years and was well-known.

Marsha quickly responded by contacting Mercy Willard’s Nutrition Services Department to see if the staff could put together several trays of food. The department complied, providing food that Marsha was able to deliver both to the church for use after the funeral as well as to Jane at her home.

Harold and Jane’s entire family was very thankful for this act of kindness and generosity.

“I really appreciated all of her time and effort,” Jane said. “Marsha is such a kind-hearted person, and I don’t know what I’d have done without her.”

Marsha said she was shocked and humbled to receive Mercy Willard’s Star of Excellence Award for her actions.

“The support I provided came from the heart, and a number of employees at Mercy Willard helped me bring this together,” she said. “I was grateful to be able to provide assistance to my friends in their time of need, and I could not have done so without the actions of Judy Waldsmith, Director of Rehabilitation & Wellness/Swing Bed; Sister Diane Hay; Julie Landoll, Social Services Manager; and all of the members of our Nutrition Staff. I was simply the navigator.”

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