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"Retiree Finds Care, Compassion through Mercy Hospitals"

(John) Lee P., 86, a retired stockbroker and restaurant owner, gained a new appreciation for Mercy Willard Hospital and its sister hospital, Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, when he experienced care at both facilities.

John had developed debilitating sores on his legs, and he sought treatment at Mercy Willard’s Emergency Room.

“I had really good care at Mercy Willard’s ER,” he said. “Then they transported me to Toledo, where St. V’s got me going again. They were really on the ball there. There was always someone available immediately if I needed anything, and the nurses were all very cordial to me. Everyone was very encouraging – I could tell they just really wanted me to get better. And that’s important when you aren’t feeling well – you need people telling you that you can do it.”

Lee received interim care at a rehabilitation facility in Toledo and then returned to his home in Willard in August. Before he was able to have a ramp installed outside his home, Lee could not leave his house for care, making even a short trip to Mercy Willard impossible. Christopher Bohach, DPM, Mercy Willard’s Chief of Staff, responded with what was common decades ago but now is a rarity – he made a house call.

“He gave me the same care and attention here that I would have received in a doctor’s office,” Lee said. “He was an excellent and gentle man to work with.”

The Mercy Home Care team from Mercy Hospitals of Tiffin and Willard also impressed Lee. “I was amazed at the Home Care,” Lee said. “They started sending a nurse out to see me every day at first, then they started sending therapists to work with me to get me back on my feet. They were very punctual, and there was not one of them that I was not happy to see.

“There was nothing I wanted to do more than walk with a cane again, and I knew they were going to help me.”

Lee noted that the therapists encouraged him to work hard, but made him feel safe also. He felt he could trust them to push him – but not too hard.

“Jackie Egner was wonderful,” Lee said. “She was in charge when I first came home, and she is someone patients can count on. She is really on the ball. All of my nurses and therapists were great. They were very friendly and nice, almost like sisters to me. And it was obvious they were highly trained and skilled. The results speak for themselves – I am walking much more with my walker now, and I am confident I will be walking with my cane again soon.”

Lee said he’d heard good things about Mercy Willard before, and now that he’s had the chance to experience the hospital’s care first-hand, Mercy has made a Believer out of him as well.

“A good friend told me he couldn’t believe the care he got at Mercy Willard,” Lee said. “He’s lived in some big cities, and he said he got better care and service from our small hospital than he ever did in any big-city hospital. Now, I understand what he meant.”

Lee hopes he has remembered the names of everyone who has provided him with care you can believe in. His Mercy care providers included:

  • Lynne Bailey, Manager of Rehabilitation Services, Mercy Willard
  • Christopher Bohach, DPM, Chief of Staff, Mercy Willard
  • Deb Gibson, Physical Therapy Assistant, Mercy Home Care, Mercy Tiffin and Willard
  • Deb Hay, Physical Therapist, Mercy Home Care, Mercy Tiffin and Willard
  • Jackie Egner, RN, Mercy Home Care, Mercy Tiffin and Willard
  • Larry Krill, MD, Internal Medicine, St. V’s
  • Allen Shutt, RN, Mercy Home Care, Mercy Tiffin and Willard
  • Maggi Smith, DPM, Podiatry, St. V’s
  • Nancy Verhoff, MD, Family Medicine, Mercy Willard

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