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"Special Deliveries - Family Experiences Exceptional Care"

When Jenny M. flew 5,000 miles from her home in Bombay, India because her daughter asked her to come be with her through a difficult pregnancy, she never expected how hard the journey would be.

Jenny also did not anticipate that the care the family would receive at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center and Mercy Children's Hospital would be so healing, not only physically, but spiritually as well.

Jenny’s daughter, Maria M., MD, a pediatrician who lives in Fremont, Ohio, was pregnant with twins and experiencing terrible hyper emesis (“morning sickness”) when she called and asked her mother to come to America.

“That was around Easter,” Jenny recalled, “and I landed here on April 11. The twins were due at the end of September. Maria was miserable, unable to eat anything except crackers. I made her home-cooked food, and she seemed to be improving, but then a test showed she was considered high risk and that one or both of the babies could have a problem. She was referred to Dr. Saleh (Abdelaziz Saleh, MD, PhD, Director of Maternal Fetal Medicine at St. V’s). We came to see him every two weeks, and he assured us that all was well.”

The Martins’ relief was short-lived, however, as Maria experienced pre-term labor at just 27 weeks gestation. She was admitted to the hospital and placed on complete bed rest.

“It was shattering,” Jenny said. “I asked God, ‘Why me? Why are you doing this to us?’ God was always on my mind. I soon realized that St. V’s was a Catholic hospital with a beautiful chapel and this became my haven of comfort.” Jenny stayed with her daughter at the hospital, sleeping on a couch in her room, leaving only to go to Maria’s home in Fremont to prepare homemade food, or to pray and attend Mass in the chapel.

“Soon I came to realize that God brought us to a place where he would be with us constantly,” Jenny said. “The statue of Our Lady was such a source of calm and peace to me, and I talked to Fr. Francis and Sr. Maxine (Fr. Francis Ejimofor and Sr. Maxine Young, SND, Chaplains with St. V’s Pastoral Care Department), who assured us of their love and prayers. My daughter could not leave her room. She spent eight weeks flat on her back with nothing to look at but the same four walls. But they brought her daily communion, and that was a great comfort. We experienced such love and care from the doctors, nurses and even the housekeepers – we became like family, so close. I thanked God for bringing us to this place.”

Maria’s water broke at 33 weeks. Due to one twin being in the breech position and one being tranverse, they had to be delivered by caesarean section. Following delivery, the babies, Neha and Nicole, became patients of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at St. V’s Children’s. Here, Jenny said, the Martins family again experienced excellent care.

“The NICU here is absolutely marvelous,” she said. “The medical efficiency is matched only by the kindness and caring of the staff. At two weeks after birth, the twins were co-bedding and were nursing and feeding from a bottle. For me, this whole experience has been God’s plan for us. He brought us here and kept us here, getting the best care possible. I did get frustrated at times, but I just prayed in the chapel and placed these children in Our Lady’s care. I was reminded of God’s reassuring words, ‘Do not be afraid. I am with you.’ It was a great source of comfort and strength to have the chapel and to know God was working through the staff, who treated us not just as patients, but as family. It was like finding a home away from home.”

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