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"Prostatectomy Patient Appreciates Quick Recovery"

Joe W. underwent a prostatectomy this spring at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center. Mirza Baig, MD, Medical Director of Robotic Surgery at St. V’s, performed the procedure using the da Vinci Surgical Robot.

“I hadn’t been experiencing any symptoms, but because I turned 50 this year, my primary care physician wanted to do a colonoscopy and a prostate exam,” Joe said. “When we did the prostate exam, he thought he felt something, so he referred me to Dr. Baig, who also felt something and ordered a biopsy. It came back showing cancer in one sample. Dr. Baig gave me some options- surgery, radiation or wait-and-see. I wanted the cancer out, so I chose surgery. He showed me a video and also talked to me about it and did just a really good job explaining the mechanics of it all.”

Joe’s surgery went smoothly, and he was pleasantly surprised by how well he felt after the procedure.

“I came out of the prostatectomy with just six small incisions across my belly,” he said. “I had no problems at all with the surgical site. I was in very little pain – I expected more pain from the incisions, but they really didn’t bother me at all. I spent just one night in the hospital, and I had a very good experience there. The nurses were very nice, and the food was outstanding. Everything about the staff and facility was just great. I liked that they had valet parking, and when my wife left late at night, because valet was closed, someone walked her to her car, and I really appreciated that.”

This was Joe’s first experience with surgery and hospitalization, and he admits that he “wasn’t a patient patient,” but said everyone was very kind and compassionate.

“The nurses on the floor were super,” he said. “I am sure I wasn’t a model patient, but they still took excellent care of me.”

Prior to his surgery, Joe spoke with a friend who underwent a traditional prostatectomy 17 years ago.

“He was in the hospital for over two weeks!” Joe said. “And he was off of work for a long time. I’m very thankful that they came up with this (minimally invasive surgery with the robot). And, I am glad I got it done. One option I had was to wait and see, but it would have always been in the back of my mind. Three months after the surgery, I had my PSA level checked, and everything was fine. You can’t ask for a better outcome than that!”

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