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"Patient Honors St. Vs Staff and Physician in Poem"

After Mertis C. came out of a coma at St. V's, she took out a pen and wrote a poem about her experience at the hospital. She says that shes been coming to St. V's for 22 years for her healthcare needs, and the staff and physicians have always treated her warmly and never like a number.

In early November, the 78-year-old Toledo resident was hospitalized after being brought into the Emergency Department with heart attack symptoms. She has had a long battle with heart disease and had a pacemaker and defibrillator implanted during her 2007 hospitalization.

Everything about St. V's is beautiful, exclaims Mertis. I've always been treated with care by everyone. I never feel that they are rushing me out of the hospital. The staff and physicians are only concerned about my well being. That's a wonderful feeling to know that's what truly matters to them. I rate this hospital a perfect 10.

Below is the text from Mertis poem.

My Lord and I?

When I was out in another land!
My Lord reached out, and took my hand.
Oh! Mertis, down on Earth, you're so loved!
I'm sending you home, on the wings of a snow white dove.

Lord, keep Tammy and staff as sweet as they are.
Up in the heavens they shine like a star.
I miss Dr. Tita, he's so sweet, I'll always think of him.
He's so kind and keeps me on my feet.

Mertis, think not of what you don't know.
You're the best star in your own show!
Your family needs you and so do I.
I saw that wonderful tear coming from your right eye.
If and when you need me just call out my name!
I'm the almighty God. That will never change!!!

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