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"St. Charles Wins Patient's Loyalty"

Carol R. says that when she needs care in a hospital setting, whether for an inpatient or outpatient need, Mercy St. Charles Hospital is the obvious choice for her.

“My whole family has always gone to St. Charles,” she said. “That’s our hospital. It’s easy to access, and the care there is very personalized. It’s comfortable.”

Carol, who gave birth to two of her three children at St. Charles, regularly has outpatient lab work done there. “They are very quick,” she said. “They get you in and get you out, but not in a way that you feel they are rushing you. More like they are just helping you get back to whatever you were doing and on with the rest of your day. I know that is their job, but you can just tell that they really care about doing it well.”

Carol recently visited St. Charles for a stress test.

“I felt a little nervous,” she said. “You know, I was wondering, ‘Why is my doctor sending me for this? Is there something terrible wrong with me?’ But the staff was just so friendly, they put me at ease. They were focused on me and always smiling, and they let me know exactly what to expect.”

Carol said the communication she has experienced with the staff at St. Charles has always been excellent.

“They never leave you alone without letting you know that someone will be with you shortly, and they don’t just forget about you – they check in and keep you updated if there is any delay,” she said. “And they are so great about giving directions – they will walk you right to where you are supposed to go. I feel like that is going above and beyond, and I really appreciate it.”

St. Charles’ commitment to family centered care has also been apparent to Carol, who recalls having been an inpatient years ago at the same time her father was hospitalized.

“We both had pneumonia, and the nurses knew where to find me if I wasn’t in my room,” Carol said. “They would just come get me in his room when they needed me or call me via his intercom. And they never scolded me for not being in my own room – they recognized our need to be together. I also witnessed their tender care with my mother, who made many trips to St. Charles from the nursing home she was in during her final days. They always treated her like a queen.”

Carol, who received assistance through CareNet before qualifying for Medicare, also has had several interactions with the Mercy Hospital Eligibility Link Program. “A couple of times I received a bill that I couldn’t pay, and I just called HELP, and they took care of it,” she said.

Carol said she cannot imagine going anywhere except St. Charles for her healthcare needs in the future.

“I just cannot say enough about the employees and volunteers there,” she said.

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