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"Patient Credits Physician and Nurses for Going the Extra Mile"

When Shiloh resident Eric P. came in from an afternoon of hunting with his friends on Nov. 28, he noticed a pain in his right jaw. At first, he said it was not severe. He attributed it to being outside in the cold for an extended time. However, the pain quickly turned serious. Eric said he felt an excruciating pain in his chest. When it happened, he screamed, scaring his wife and son who were in the next room. Eric, who has had athletic injuries before that were painful, said that this was the worst pain he had ever felt. His wife immediately drove him to Mercy Willard’s Emergency Room.
“I was so impressed from the minute we walked into the ER,” says the 36-year-old Ohio Air National guardsman. “The receptionist didn’t ask for insurance cards or anything, but just took me back immediately for care.”
Once in the treatment area, Eric was seen by attending ER physician, Veselin Dimitrov, MD. He was given medications to ease his pain and make him more relaxed.
“At first, I was slightly irritated at him since he ordered a chest x-ray,” Eric remarked. “I kept thinking it’s my jaw, not my chest, but Dr. Dimitrov knew what he was doing as he found the source of the pain, which came as a complete shock.”
Eric had an aortic aneurysm burst. These aneurysms start as a bulge in the main artery leading to the heart. If they grow, the walls of the artery may weaken and eventually burst, causing serious bleeding and death in some cases. “Dr. Dimitrov truly saved my life. If he had not been so thorough, I might not be here to tell this story.”
He says that his wife, Darla, was panicked by the diagnosis, but Dr. Dimitrov, calmed them by explaining the condition. “Dr. Dimitrov let us know that this was very serious and that some people don’t survive it, but he felt that I was in a good place. The staff went to work and quickly arranged for me to be transferred.”
Dr. Dimitrov recommended that Eric be transported by ambulance to a higher acuity hospital right away for a cardiology consult. Once he was arrived, Picklesimer was taken into surgery where a cardiovascular surgeon replaced his aortic valve with a mechanical one. “My surgeon said that if I had not had surgery that evening I might not have survived.
“He described what happened as a fluke since I have no history of an aneurysm or the medical conditions associated with developing one. Lucky for me, I had Dr. Dimitrov and the great team at Mercy Willard’s ER caring for me.”  

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