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Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered a Medical Emergency?
The state of Ohio has adopted “the prudent layperson definition” under the Ohio Revised Code Ann § 1753.28 To paraphrase the rule:, a medical emergency exists when a patient feels that their symptoms are so severe that not being treated could cause them harm. A Health Insurance Company that provides coverage of basic health care services must cover emergency services without regard to day or time or prior authorization.
How does Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg differ from an Emergency Room at a hospital?
Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg has the same board certified physicians, staffing and equipment as an emergency room attached to a hospital. The only difference between Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg and a traditional hospital emergency department is that Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg is not physically connected to a hospital. After a patient has been evaluated at Mercy, if the patient requires admission to a hospital, Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg can transport the patient to any hospital with an immediate opening that is best suited for the patient’s needs.  
How is Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg different from an Urgent Care?
An urgent care facility is like a doctor’s office with extended hours.  If a patient goes to an urgent care clinic with a life threatening emergency, the patient will be redirected to an Emergency Department. Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg is staffed with Emergency Medicine Physicians, nurses and technicians that are trained to treat all forms of emergencies, from life threatening to minor. In addition Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 
What type of tests can be performed at the Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg?
Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg has onsite digital radiology, ultrasound, CT, MRI as well as laboratory services. As an added benefit to patients, Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg has a radiologist on call at all times. When a patient requires images to be taken, the images are sent immediately to the radiologist for evaluation. The patient will have results available while they are at Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg, rather than waiting several days for results.  

Why choose Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg?
Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg was designed by professionals working in Emergency Departments throughout Northwest Ohio. They designed an Emergency Department that they would want their family and friends to be treated in. Attention to detail, patient comfort and time to treatment where given the utmost consideration. Mercy Emergency Services - Perrysburg strives to make the emergency experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.
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