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Chronic Dry Eye

Chronic dry eye is a condition that develops when:
  • when the eye doesn’t produce enough tears
  • naturally-produced tear film evaporates too quickly
  • the composition of tears is not normal
  • the eyelid’s structure makes it unable to distribute tear film evenly over the surface of the eye
Symptoms of dry eye can include:
  • the feeling of having sand or grit in your eye
  • eyes frequently watering, especially when watching TV or reading
  • stinging, burning or itching sensation
  • mucus around the eyes
  • blurred or double vision
Certain people are more at risk for developing dry eye including people with:
  • autoimmune diseases
  • diabetes
  • shingles
  • Vitamin A deficiency
Other patients at-risk for chronic dry eye are post-menopausal women, seniors, and people who experience long-term exposure to radiation, wind, cigarette smoke or forced air heat.

Your eye doctor can diagnose dry eye with a comprehensive eye exam involving dye that is administered by eye drops. A Schirmer tear test is a process where your eye doctor uses special paper placed under your lower eyelid to measure how much tear film your eye produces.

For most people with a mild or occasional case of dry eyes over-the-counter eyedrops can be effective. More persistent cases may be treated with:
  • prescription eyedrops to suppress the cause of cornea inflammation
  • prescription eye inserts – these tiny inserts go between your eye and lower eyelid and slowly dissolve over the course of the day providing you with tear-like fluid to keep the eye moist
  • antibiotics to reduce inflammation around the eyelids
  • plugging your tear ducts or surgically shrinking the drainage area and closing the duct to better retain fluid
  • special “bandage” contact lenses or corneal shields to better trap moisture within the eye
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