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Cataract Extraction

Cataract extraction is a short, outpatient procedure. There are two main types of extraction: manual extraction involves the surgeon making a small cut in the corner of your eye to remove the clouded, damaged lens and then replacing it with an artificial lens. Phacoemulsification involves the surgeon inserting an instrument through a small incision in the eye which will produce sound waves to break up the damaged lens. The broken lens fragments are then pulled out through the needle and the artificial lens is inserted.

Before you have either procedure your surgeon will place drops in your eye to dilate your pupils and also perhaps a sedative to relax you. The surgeon will then apply a topical anesthetic to ensure that you feel no pain during the procedure and cleanse the area around the eye. After removing the cataract and inserting the intraocular lens the surgeon will give you protective glasses and eyedrops to take as prescribed. You should plan to have someone drive you home.

For a week following the procedure you should avoid heavy lifting or exercise, swimming or any activity that would expose your eye to dust particles or contaminants. If your eyesight becomes dramatically worse or if you experience significant pain or excessive discharge from your eye, contact your doctor immediately
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