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Care from every angle.Mercy is the first system in our region to offer 3D mammography, the newest and most advanced technology in breast imaging. As a local breast center accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers, Mercy believes it is important to provide women with access to the latest advances in medical technology. We were the first system to introduce digital mammography in 2007, and now we are the first to provide all women who have a mammogram at Mercy St. Anne or Mercy St. Charles with a 3D mammogram screening that improves breast cancer detection and reduces false positives.

The FDA approved 3D mammography in February 2011 after 10 years of research and development by Massachusetts General Hospital. It complements digital mammography and is expected to become the breast imaging standard of care.

To schedule your mammogram appointment, please call 419-407-1770.


Mercy offers 3D mammography - the newest, most accurate and advanced technology in breast imaging.






How It Works

Conventional digital mammography requires that a patient’s breast be tightly compressed between two glass plates. A single x-ray exposure produces a flat 2D picture of each breast (top to bottom and side to side). Images of overlapping breast tissue can make it difficult for a radiologist to detect small tumors or growths, especially in dense breast tissue.

With 3D mammography, an x-ray tube travels in an arc around the patient’s breast. The machine takes 15 successive digital images of the patient’s breast in a matter of seconds with each image at a slightly different angle. The result is a compiled 3D image of individual layers of breast tissue which enables radiologists to see “inside” the breast’s spherical structure. It’s more like looking inside a ball instead of at a flat circle on paper. That’s important because radiologists can now examine your breast tissue one millimeter layer at a time. 

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Call for Your Appointment

We have 3D mammography available in our Women’s Centers at Mercy St. Anne Hospital, Mercy St. Charles Hospital, making it convenient to schedule your appointment.

If you have found a lump in your breast, call for an appointment immediately and we will see you within 48 hours. A patient navigator will greet and assist you when you arrive for your appointment at the Women’s Care Center.

To schedule your mammogram appointment call:  419-407-1770


Image Courtesy of Hologic

The Difference It Makes

The enhanced visualization that 3D mammography provides translates into specific, important benefits for Mercy mammogram patients including:
  • Easier detection:
    Our radiologists can carefully go through each one millimeter layer of compiled 3D breast tissue images to more accurately screen for and pinpoint the size, shape and location of potential breast cancers.
  • Earlier detection:
    Physicians can detect smaller tumors sooner – at the earliest stages of breast cancer. The sooner a tumor is detected the sooner an effective treatment plan can be pursued, increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.
  • Fewer call backs:
    With more clear and precise full breast images, radiologists can better distinguish harmless abnormalities from real tumors. 
  • More comprehensive:
    Fifteen percent of women with detected breast cancer have another tumor in the same breast or the other breast.
  • Consistent benchmarking:
    Our imaging machines take both 3D and 2D images so radiologists can compare results to previous digital mammogram results.
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